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Sonnets on Obama

This pair of Petrarchan sonnets were composed -- the first my Michael Schauerte, the second by myself -- on the eve of the midterm elections of 2010, two years into Obama's presidential term. 

In oh-oh-8 Obama’s hope a-spread
“It might get better, or less bad perchance,
A time to stop that crawl and learn to dance”
We thought in weary longing, underfed.
So up! we stood, and off away were led
To move at last, the thrill, the swift advance!
To think as one, the ecstasy of trance
In thrall to Barack, feet and heart and head
Two years are gone, alas, and so is hope
A-shriveled, lost in faraway Iraq
Not “yes we can” but “sure as hell we can’t”
So muddled lib’ruls desperately cope
Whilst brain-dead tea-bags mount a strange attack
But who’s for pulling out the money plant?



Ah! Once Obama's Hope spread far and wide
Benumbèd minds awoke from their trance –
To crawl no more! And learn the way to dance!”
And wearied eyes in wonderment descried
Th‘ approach at last of Change’s rising tide,
In motion now, the thrill of fast advance,
We hail the blessèd* herald, Hist’ry’s Chance!
A politician, yes! but on our side.
Alas, he lied and lied and lied and lied...
A trillion bucks all for his banker friends.
While for their dupes, foreclosèd – not a cent!
He sends them mis’rable away, to bide
Among the homeless, ‘til the system ends.
It’s time the Money Madness up and went!


*  “Barack” is Arabic for “blessed” (like Baruch in Hebrew).

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