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Help stray dogs and cats in Turkey


My friend Metin Sonmez is raising funds to help the stray dogs and cats in Turkey. 

Stray dogs and cats are everywhere in Turkey and very few of them are lucky enough to have been taken into people's homes or given proper shelter. Most of them are living in very harsh conditions and are treated really badly. 

Local authorities have established 'shelters' for the strays, but these are not genuine shelters. A better name would be containment grounds. The animals are collected and dumped there, but not provided with food, water, or veterinary care. They are neglected and left to starve, die of disease, or in winter freeze to death. Their only care comes from local volunteers who  raise funds and do their best to look after these poor animals, making daily visits to the containment grounds and bringing food, water, and affection. 

One of these volunteers is Ms. Ayse Ozdemir, founder of the Turkeli Stray Animals Association. Turkeli is a small town in the Sinop Province of Turkey's northern region, along the Black Sea coast. Ms. Ozdemir is trying to look after more than 150 dogs on her own. She has saved many dogs and cats, but urgently needs more money to buy food.

Metin has created a Go Fund Me account with the aim of raising £500 ($600) to support her work. If you would like to contribute, please follow this link. You may also like to publicize this appeal on your social media. 

For more photos and videos look here

Here is a video about another volunteer doing similar work. 


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