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Community farming in eastern Uganda

Anthony Kalulu, the founder of Uganda Community Farm (UCF), is a small farmer in the village of Namisita in the region of Kamuli in eastern Uganda. His aim is to end extreme poverty, initially in the neighboring regions of Kamuli and Buyende, by means of a development model based on cooperative enterprise.

The project relies on charitable contributions in its early stages, in order to provide farmers with training and inputs they could not otherwise afford, but is designed to become sustainable over a period of time. At present the only crop grown in white sorghum, sold to a local brewery, but the intention is to diversify. It is also hoped to set up an agro-processing plant.   

Kalulu's project was featured in a recent issue of The Guardian. Fuller accounts, with numerous photographs, are provided on the following two websites: and (which also has a donation facility). Clearly a great deal of thought has gone into the project and it seems to me to have considerable potential -- well worth supporting.

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